Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,

I have imagery in my mind as I sit at my desk to type this post. The imagery I have is that of a fireplace and a fireside chat…made famous (at least) by President Franklin Roosevelt. If we were to sit back, close our eyes, and imagine this fireplace, there are many things our senses bring to us.

Our sense of touch brings us the feeling of the warmth of a fireplace as the heat escapes from the tomb in which it is located, and fills and encompasses the open and colder space all around. Our sense of sight brings us the image of the bright flames bringing light into a darker space. The light that comes into the room and the room’s darkness unable to stand against this new light.

Our sense of hearing is fully engaged as we hear the crackling of the flames as they burn away at the embers below, and the popping of the sparks that shoot out from the flames that constitute the source of the light and warmth before us. As though each crackling and spark are words written in a book describing the events of the fireplace as it becomes part of our lives.

And our sense of smell is truly working overtime as the burning wood provides a pleasant aroma to the air in the room and brings us a sense of calm, warmth, and peace within the context of our surroundings. Our sense of taste is heightened as we further imagine marshmallows or s’mores, or some delicious meal being prepared over open flames.

As we sit back and embrace the imagery of this fireplace, we find it is striking in similarity in its functioning, and our sense-filled responses, to the light of Christ coming into our lives. Amid our dark and cold winter, may the light of Christ Jesus embrace you where you are, and may the warmth of Christ Jesus fill you with the knowledge that God is active and present within our circumstances.

Peace be with you all!
Pastor Chris