Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,

Fall is upon us. It’s a time of change, transition and excitement. With the decrease in the amount of daylight we are reminded that the holidays are just around the corner. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even Halloween…after all, who doesn’t love their share of chocolate!

While fall is a time of vibrant colors and smells (pumpkin spice, cinnamon, etc.), there is also a sense of ending that comes with the autumn season. The leaves begin to change colors (from greens to browns, yellows, reds, or oranges), and fall from the trees. The chlorophyll that once provided nutrients, growth, and life to the leaves begins to lessen as the daylight shortens and the leaves succumb to the order of life.

This is where we are reminded of the presence of God in Christ Jesus in our lives. Of the many leaves that fall during this time of year, I have always been particularly drawn to the leaves that change to yellow with red stems and veins beautifully visible within the structure of the leaf itself. It is within these specific leaves that we are reminded of God’s gift of salvation in our lives (because it can be seen so clearly). While these yellow leaves with red stems and veins are indeed a beautiful sight to see, the leaves also show signs of decay with spots being visible on the leaf itself. Signs of death and decay, however…

…when we take a step back and look at these specific leaves from a different viewpoint, we see the veins, deep red in color, reminding us of the blood of Christ that courses throughout our bodies through our partaking of Holy Communion, as well as from our Baptisms.

We have the image of the veins branching out in every direction within these leaves, carrying the rich nutrients of life to the entire leaf, and we are reminded of the body and blood of the resurrected Christ branching throughout our bodies. That even as we age, and succumb to the order of life, deep within us all, the promised salvation of God flows within our bodies protecting us from death.

While fall reminds us of the ending of many forms of life, we take comfort in the signs of God’s creation providing us a full-color reminder that God is has been at work ensuring that the “chlorophyll of our lives” never fades.

Thanks be to God!
Peace be with you all!

Pastor Chris