Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

During the summers of 1976 and 1984, as I was growing up, my family took vacations to New York. We visited the Corning factory in Corning, NY; as well as the Baseball Hall-of-Fame in Cooperstown NY.

The town itself had changed a little between 1976 and 1984 and a few of the displays within the Baseball Hall-of-Fame itself were different on the second trip. However, one specific item was the same: un-changed, un-altered, and still exuding the same power, majesty, awe, and influence upon all who visited; stood before it; and “absorbed” its significance. The red locker, white pinstripe uniform, and crown of the king of baseball; George Herman “Babe” Ruth. Number 3 for the New York Yankees.

As a child in 1976, and even as a high school senior in 1984, standing before this locker was a truly “spiritual” experience because for me personally, it was during that almost 10-year time period that my desire to become a sports broadcaster was cultivated.

Fast forward another decade-plus, and events and circumstances in my life changed and altered my life’s path to the point that I now stand before you on a weekly basis broadcasting the word of God (which is also literally true because of Trinity’s radio ministry as well).

What these vacations to Cooperstown, and our weekly worship experiences have in common is the throne of the King. Of course, the more profound and influential in our lives is the throne of God, the Altar within the sanctuary which still exudes the same power, majesty, awe, and influence upon all who visit it; stand before it; and “absorb” its significance. This of course is as a result of the body and blood of our risen Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus!

To stand before this Altar is life changing to a degree, we simply are unable to comprehend, and at times even appreciate. What This throne, and the items we place upon it, and receive from it on a monthly basis (which is something we should actually have a discussion about at some time…hint, hint), represents is for us not the abilities of a man to hit a little white ball further and better than almost anyone else ever had, but the very God whom we worship, having given his life; the very last ounce of his blood, sweat, tears, and breath, to
ensure we too are treated as kings.

For ONLY as a result of the work and sacrifice of Christ Jesus on our behalf (and NOTHING of our own efforts), we are made worthy of God’s grace and acceptance. God then stands before us as, through the work of Christ Jesus, we exude the same power, majesty, awe, and influence upon God, as God visits with us; stands before us; and, as a result of our being made new in Christ Jesus, God “absorbs” and accepts” our significance.

Peace be with you all!
Pastor Chris