Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

In keeping with the theme of anticipation from my last post, we continue to wait with anticipation as the days of Holy Week come and go and we arrive at our most holy destination.

There is a significant angle to this activity of God on our behalf. You see, we have been at fault all this time, through the effects of the Christian doctrine of Original Sin as formulated by St. Augustine statement as “the deliberate sin of the first man is the cause of original sin.” (Read more about original sin in the April/May newsletter).

The actions of Adam and Eve resulted in their separation from God and banishment from the Garden of Eden (the place God specifically designed for his creation to exist in harmony with God and itself, in all its created order). However, Adam and Eve’s
betrayal of God resulted in eternal banishment from Eden and eternal judgment by God. It was a decree by God, and as such NO THING humanity could ever do to correct this course of action and consequences.

As a result, ONLY an act of God could undo the judgment that had befallen Adam and Eve, and all their children thereafter, of which we find ourselves today. This act of God to undo this measure came through Jesus body and blood upon the cross and his subsequent resurrection.

The end result, the anticipation for which we as Christians celebrate, is this event called Easter Sunday.

It was a decree by God; only correctable by the hand of God, and only accomplished by God becoming the very being that judgment was announced upon, in order to make us right with God again.

God’s judgment was upon humanity, and the humanity of Christ paid the price for us all, and the divinity of Christ reconciled us to God again, through God’s own grace on our behalf.

This “New” decree by God not only reconciles us back to God again, but ensures our place in God’s eternal kingdom, and we wait with anticipation for God’s grace to shine upon us this Easter and for all eternity!

Happy Easter and Easter season to you all!

Pastor Chris