Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,

Carly Simon, best known as a 1970’s musical artist, once recorded a song entitled “Anticipation”, which at its peak reached number 13 on the Billboard top 100 list. The song later became synonymous with Heinz Ketchup as it was utilized as the background theme for a Heinz Ketchup advertising campaign.

The idea of the advertising campaign was that Heinz Ketchup is so good that one would be willing to wait until it slowly made its way out of the bottle and onto a hamburger, or whatever it would be put on. The song was originally written from a similar vein in that, according to “”, it was written as Simon awaited a date with another musician. We are reminded of this anticipatory fact as we move from the waning weeks of Lent and make our way toward the Cross of Christ, which of course leads to Jesus victory over death and his resurrection from the tomb on Easter Sunday.

We wait with anticipation as, especially, the days of Holy Week come and go, and we arrive at our most holy destination.

Please join us on this Lenten journey at our upcoming Lenten services as we look forward to God’s grace to shine upon us this Easter!

Pastor Chris